8 exercises recommended by coaches to strengthen your muscles

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There are many exercises that promise you a firm and toned body. But you don’t have to look very far to find effective exercises. Here are some simple exercises that have been proven to strengthen your muscles in depth.

How to tone and strengthen your muscles in depth? Moving, running, dancing… there’s nothing like clearing your head while exercising. But in the daily rush, between family life, work, daily hassles, at the end of the day, the desire is not necessarily to do an intensive sports session.

Yet we know that a sedentary lifestyle is not conducive to our good physical health. Maintaining your muscles is important . Not just to sculpt your body, but above all to be in great shape. Let’s not let teleworking or the daily routine soften our muscles before age does! And for that, there is no need to invest in crazy equipment, or to take out a subscription to the gym which will certainly never be profitable!

Fatigue, lack of time… Stop! You don’t have to devote an hour to your sporting activity . The sports session can be short, but effective. No magic ingredient, no miracle recipe. We have prepared a selection of exercises recommended by coaches to maintain or regain tone. And guess what? They are perfectly achievable at home , without equipment or with objects that you will find at home.

The military press for good posture

The name is scary, but yet it is a classic. Do not neglect the upper body for fear of seeing the shoulders of truckers appear . You will strengthen your arms, chest and shoulders. Position your feet shoulder-width apart, your legs slightly bent. You don’t need anything more than a broomstick or two bottles of water for the more adventurous. Hold them facing you with your elbows bent. You raise both arms, accompanying them at the same time with an exhalation, then you lower them while inhaling.

The rope pull… without a rope for a toned bust

Working the upper body is essential to have good posture and fight against daily back pain. This exercise could not be more effective for that. As you wish, bring light weights. Legs bent, torso slightly leaning forward, arms facing the ground, you perform a movement as if you were pulling an imaginary rope hanging from the ground. Be careful, be sure to bring your elbows along the body . To master the exercise, go slowly. You should feel the contraction of the back muscles.

The leg lift for concrete abs

Deeply strengthened abs are the key to good posture . This exercise is a real godsend for working the lower abdomen and strengthening the entire abdominal strap . Lying on the ground, legs glued and stretched, you perform beats from bottom to top. Once off, the feet should never touch the ground. If you can’t do this, you can place your hands face down under the pelvis.

If you want the exercise to be effective, don’t raise your legs too high! They should never go further than the pelvis. And if you’re looking for difficulty, you can always  add a crunch: raise your head and shoulders slightly off the ground when your legs are in the air.

The russian twist for a wasp waist

In addition to working the core, you also work the obliques (understand the waist). In a seated position this time, the bust leaning slightly backwards (otherwise it’s too easy!), the feet raised, you rotate your bust, from left to right. The twist is performed from the navel. Be careful, as the exercise solicits the lower back, be sure to perform the movement well to avoid muscle contraction . And we think about breathing!

Lying on one side or standing on one leg, you lift the leg to the side, then perform more or less wide kicks. The body is straight, the knees can be slightly bent. Do not forget to exercise the same intensity for the other leg . Do not hesitate to hold the leg in the air for a few seconds. If it burns, you’re on the right track!

Too little used, the calves are the big forgotten of our sports sessions. Stand up on your tiptoes, as if you were wearing high heels. In addition to strengthening your ankles, you also strengthen your glutes. During the movement, you must contract the bum-bum to ensure that you are always straight and toned.

We no longer present it. This exercise is certainly the best known in recent years. If you have a dislike for this word, however, it has not stolen its fame. The various variants allow you to adapt it to your taste . But above all, it is complete! Quads, glutes, abs and even arms! The whole body is put to the test. One of our favorites, the crab squat, will also challenge your small calves. Legs spread well beyond the width of the pelvis, toes pointing outwards, the movement consists of descending into a squat. So far nothing too complicated, except that you have to be careful to keep your back straight and not stick out your toes with your knees. Once in this position, hold it, then lift the heels each in turn.

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