How to lose weight naturally and sustainably in just 6 months?

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I lost 18 kg in just 6 months and today I feel good in my body and in my head. I am proud of this transformation and loves me again! Now I can welcome a future baby in better conditions, thanks to Hervé de Vita nutrition for his food program, his many advices and answers to my questions

Indeed, for more than 20 years I have been helping people determined to slim down, to lose those extra pounds, to learn during the slimming program to eat differently. It’s not a deprivation, it’s an education . Deprivation teaches deprivation and then the person falls back into their old habits, the ones that make you fat. The goal is to learn during this slimming phase to eat differently, think differently, live differently so as not to return to old habits. See this as an opportunity to start a whole new life.

Stessy is a young woman full of joie de vivre, hairdresser and therefore always on her feet. Carrying so much weight while standing  all day is really bad for the hips, the knees, the ankles. Imagine 18kg in water packs…

Stessy was serious throughout the process and today, several months after this significant weight loss, her weight is stable. Stessy knew how to take advantage of life’s occasions (all the end-of-year celebrations) to eat more than what was proposed in the program, and was serious the next day by taking action to counterbalance the excesses. This is also the secret because there will always be opportunities to eat more (birthdays, weddings, parties, barbecues etc…). Control the gap and act quickly the next day. Stessy also played sports, because sports are not an option. Sport is not only linked to weight loss, but to overall health. Besides, the goal is not to slim down for the sake of slimming down, but to get better and better.

What is your weight loss and how long did it take you to achieve this result?

I have lost a lot of centimeters and with this weight loss I also notice that my breath is much better. Moreover, during activities, I notice that I have gained in flexibility. I had joint pain before slimming down, I also had my knee operated on before the slimming program and with 18 kilos less, I can tell you that I felt the difference

What are the 3 benefits that you get right now from this weight loss?

Yes ! I liked being able to eat everything and have fun with my friends and family. But I also learned to rebalance and compensate quickly after the gap. It’s important not to feel frustrated over time to be able to eat more, treat yourself from time to time, because losing weight also means paying attention to what you eat during the week, it’s somewhere a disciplinary effort. This gap is like a reward.

What are the differences with other “diets” done in the past?

I didn’t feel the usual deprivation or hunger pangs! It is true that we can eat fruits, cereals, legumes and that we also have this day off once a week. More than a “diet”, I took it as a real rebalancing which also regulated my transit and improved my digestion.

What made you start a weight loss program? Have you had enough? Was there pain? Did you have a vision of a better future?

What pushed me was that I was reaching a weight, a stage of extra pounds that I had never reached in the past. My figure had completely changed and my clothes no longer fit me. I was starting to feel really bad. I only saw the bad things, only the flaws in my body and then my mind took a hit. Yes ! I started to feel pain. No ! I did not see a good future as much as I wanted to have a child and therefore a big weight gain with the pregnancy, I knew that it would be bad for me and the baby. Now I can welcome a future baby and it makes me really happy to offer him better conditions.

Have you received support from those around you. Did you tell them about this process?

I knew very well that I had to do something and from the moment I had my click and that I took action, yes I warned my relatives and yes they motivated me. They were there to encourage me and especially not to give up. I can even say that they were relieved that I started this slimming program, that I acted because they were worried about me, seeing that I was going in the wrong direction, accumulating the pounds month after month.

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