Preparing for Stem Cell Treatment? Tips to Improve the Results

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Many people who go for stem cell treatment for the first time don’t know what to expect or what to do. Stem cell treatments are new, and few people know much about them. However, there is nothing to worry about. It is like any other treatment that requires preparation and doing certain things to improve the results. The good thing is that this treatment is handled by qualified specialists who provide services in a patient-centered approach that addresses your needs. There are things your doctor will recommend when preparing for stem cell treatment and to improve the results.

Read on to learn how to prepare for stem cell treatment and the life after.

1. Avoid Alcohol, Caffeine, and Tobacco

Like any other treatment, it is advisable to avoid taking alcohol, caffeine, or smoking nicotine when going for stem cell treatment. This is because such substances can interfere with your healing process. So, if you are going for stem cell treatment for fibromyalgia, your doctor will recommend avoiding alcohol, tobacco, and caffeine for about a week before the procedure.

2. Avoid Taking Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

If you are using any anti-inflammatory drugs, you should stop using them before the treatment. The reason is that the body requires a specific level of inflammation as part of the treatment. Inflammation shows the body is responding and in the process of healing.

3. Drink a Lot of Water

Property hydration is critical to stem cell treatment and healing. Therefore, days before stem cell therapy for rheumatoid arthritis, ensure you drink at least 64 ounces of water daily. Make sure you also drink a lot of water before the procedure begins. It will help nourish the cells while flushing out bacteria in the body. Furthermore, proper hydration eases some side effects of the treatment.

4. Stay Active

It is also advisable to stay active, as active people have better-quality stem cells. You don’t need intense exercise. You can begin with light activities that will not cause pain or discomfort. Activities like lifting light weights, swimming, or walking can help. If you have injuries, focusing on the simple things you can do without straining will be crucial. The goal is to remain active to improve the quality of your stem cells.

5. Take Healthy Supplements

Your specialist may recommend healthy supplements like Glucosamine, Vitamin D3 and C, Curcumin, and fish oil to boost your stem cells. It is crucial to talk to your healthcare provider about the supplements. They will recommend specific supplements that will not interfere with your diet.

6. Eat Plant-Based Foods

It is also vital to watch your nutrition sometime before stem cell treatment for macular degeneration. Your doctor may recommend avoiding red meat, gluten, and dairy for a week before the treatment. Instead, eat a plant-based diet that includes a lot of vegetables and fruits. It helps remove toxins and waste in the body and lowers pesticide levels. Decreasing or eliminating your sugar intake, mainly processed sugar, is paramount. The reason is that high blood sugar levels decrease stem cells’ potential to regenerate.

Final Words

Knowing that your stem cell treatment will be successful as long as your cells are healthy is crucial. Therefore, it is advisable to focus on the tips mentioned in the article to improve their quality and get the best results.

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