Dental emergency service in Laval

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What is the cost of emergency dental care?

At Center we strive to make our services as affordable as possible. The cost of emergency dental care depends on the specific procedure required. Our team will be happy to discuss the cost of treatment with you before your appointment so that you can make an informed decision.

How quickly can I receive emergency dental care?

At Center  we make every effort to ensure that our patients receive fast and effective emergency dental care. We understand that time is of the essence in dental emergencies, which is why we offer same day appointments when possible. If time allows, the dentist will perform an emergency examination, make a diagnosis, present the treatment plan to you and carry out the treatment, if time does not allow for the treatment to be carried out on the same day, your dentist will give you a prescription to relieve your pain or infection while waiting to permanently treat the tooth at a future appointment.

When should I see a dentist in an emergency?

It is important to see your dentist as soon as possible after emergency dental treatment. Follow-up visits allow us to ensure that the procedure was successful and that healing is occurring properly. The dentist may also recommend other treatments or preventive care to reduce the likelihood of future emergencies.

Dental emergency care in Fabreville

Treatment of pain or infections of dental origin through:

A diagnosis to identify the cause of dental pain (x-rays, visual examination, palpation and questions for the patient;

Acts to relieve pain (prescription of antibiotics or anti-inflammatories, drainage of an abscess, etc.)

Definitive treatment.

At Center we understand that toothaches and dental pain can be extremely unpleasant. We offer a variety of treatments to relieve severe toothache and reduce dental pain at our clinic in Laval, Quebec.

Repair of fractured, cracked or decayed teeth.

Composite (white filling) to treat the decayed or fractured tooth;

Crowns: to restore a largely restored tooth that is at high risk of fracture.

Root canal treatments for teeth that have nerve exposure (either from deep decay or a fracture that has reached the pulp chamber)

If you have a fractured, cracked or decayed tooth, don’t worry! The  Dental Center is there to help you. Our experienced dentists will provide you with the necessary treatments to restore your tooth and preserve its function and appearance. We offer a variety of treatments such as composite resin restoration, crowns and veneers, and root canal treatment.

Treat dental infections and abscesses

  • Emergency drainage and antibiotics
  • Root canal treatment
  • Tooth extraction and replacement options

When it comes to treating dental infections and abscesses, it is very important to act quickly. Center offers a variety of treatments to help drain the infection and reduce the risk of further complications. The type of treatment recommended depends on the severity of the infection and the general health of the tooth.

Do not hesitate to contact us for your dental emergencies in the Chomedey and Fabreville sector in Laval!

A dental emergency can be overwhelming and confusing, but you don’t have to suffer in silence. At Center Dentaire Saint-Elzéar, we understand the urgency of your situation and will do our best to book same-day appointments so you can get the care you need as quickly as possible. Our experienced dentists will be happy to provide you with comprehensive care for any dental emergency. If you are suffering from severe pain, dental trauma from an accident, or other urgent issues, do not hesitate to contact us today. You can call us or fill out our online form to make an appointment.

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